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It is really important that we have feedback

We need feedback from:

Veterans or members of the military, with lived experience of gambling difficulties

Researchers in the field of veteran/military gambling or addiction, veteran/military mental health, or researchers who explore/create/assess interventions that support these populations/difficulties

Clinicians and therapists who support veterans/military, or who work with people experiencing gambling difficulties, or who use acceptance and commitment therapy**

It is really hard to produce some sort of support without veteran input because you know what you respond to. Also, importantly, all involvement in our study, and any future studies, is completely anonymous. No one can identify you whatsoever.

If you wish to be involved in our study please get in touch.

** note that we do not have a budget to pay stakeholders or veterans for their feedback but we may be able to offer a gift voucher as a thank you gesture, for your time. It is acknowledged that it takes time and effort to offer feedback and give input into these sorts of studies, and any input/feedback we receive is greatly appreciated.

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